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Hi i'jeskie , a portrait and wedding photographer from Penang Malaysia

Hi, I’m Jeskie, a portrait and wedding photographer from Penang.

I discovered my passion into photography since my secondary school years. I started from journey from an assistant in a bridal studio to a full-time photographer, although I have had plenty thoughts on giving up; yet I am very determined to have stayed in this field, so as to see the life moments that each client has.

The reason of photography is to record every details of our life moments in the most loving and creative ways that we could think off and each of us has a unique different story to tell. Hence, to help smoothen the whole process, I will always discuss with my clients first, understand their story and provide a storyboard of the photography session so that the photos could record all those unique moments.

If you like my vision, I would love to hear your story and help you to record your previous life moments. 

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